ZerTIC is now GLOBALG.A.P. Partner

From 15 November 2020, the use of GLOBALG.A.P. Audit Online Hub will become mandatory for all Integrated Farm Assurance audits/inspections. ZerTIC is proud to to announce the partnership with GLOBALG.A.P..


ZerTIC created a complete integration of the Audit Online Hub’s together with automatic GLOBALG.A.P. database updates. The seamless integration created a one-stop-shop environment that will insure the best consumer experience in the TIC-market.

  • Create instant offers (manual or use templates)

  • Automated auditprogram

  • Automated auditplan
  • Full planning process

  • Perform audits (on- or offline using just a webbrowser)
  • Support for reviewing the auditprocess

  • Manage non-conformities

  • Automated creation of reports

  • Issue certificates (and publish them online)

  • Upload results to GlobalG.A.P. Audit online

  • Publish results in a client-portal

  • Automated invoice anywhere in the process



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